Sunday, February 12, 2012

It's 2-12-12: Do Something Audacious and Stupid (I'll Go First)

2-12-12 seemed like a good date to publish the first preview image from my graphic novel, because the story has a lot to do with numbers and dates. I've done five preview images of some of the main characters so I'll post one a week for the next five weeks.

They'll all be posted here.

I'm still a long way from being able to post actual pages, though (maybe I'll aim to launch it on 12-12-12?). This project has become truly overwhelming in size and I can only work on it in the little free time I have. As I've mentioned, I've already put a year and a half of work into my graphic novel and it'll take a lot more work to see it through. It feels like running a marathon in thirty-second installments, and it often feels overwhelming and like a totally foolish thing to have undertaken.

All artistic projects are foolish, of course; in doing anything original and sharing it with the world you're making yourself vulnerable and opening yourself up for ridicule and rejection. In doing your own personal thing, you're sacrificing your precious free time and running a huge risk that all your hard work will lead to nothing. It's a daunting task and that's why almost all projects that are undertaken are abandoned and forgotten and never see the light of day.

There are always many more good reasons not to do something than to do it. I don't have any good reasons to do what I'm doing; I really don't have the time to do it, and I'm not planning on making any money on it, and yet...I've really enjoyed doing it so far and somehow it feels like something I just have to do.

Anyway, if nothing else, maybe my tale of bold and audacious stupidity will inspire you to undertake your own personal journey. We all have something personal that we're dying to do, and I can only assume most of us don't pursue it because we're afraid we'll be ignored, mocked or rejected.

Yet as scary as it is to risk ridicule and suffer the unkind words of others, it seems sadder yet to never take your shot and share that thing with the world that you're dying to share.

Whenever I get discouraged and think that it would be easier to not pursue some foolish path, I think of Patton Oswalt's track from "Werewolves and Lollipops" about how difficult it is to write a movie and stick with it through all the difficulties that come along with such an undertaking. He talks about how whenever he has doubts and wants to abandon a script he's working on, he thinks about a movie that actually got finished called "Death Bed: The Bed That Eats People" (which, yes, is actually a movie that got made, although technically the REAL title is "Death Bed: The Bed That Eats") and wonders about the author of that movie, and how he could have worked through all the doubts he must have had while writing "Death Bed". If you've never heard it, Patton's great routine is on youtube (just search "Death Bed") but be warned: it's got NSFW language.

So in honor of 2-12-12, I hope in some small way I might inspire you to do your own audacious and stupid thing!


Jim Mortensen said...

Congrats on putting yourself out there and staying committed to a project. It's so tough, but it seems like the secret is to stay accountable to those around you. Good luck, & looking forward to seeing the progress!

Also, Death Bed is a awesome movie. We watched it as part of a "Terrible Movie Night", and it was worth every penny the money we spent to Netflix it.

Rodney Baker said...

I like the premise and am particularly optimistic because... I always enjoy a good time travel story. :)

Congrats on your initial launch!

Basma said...

Congratulations and good luck! Can't wait to read your graphic novel. I've subscribed. Also, thank you for the motivation. :) Now I'll go search Death Bed.

Levi said...

Great post. Can't wait for the novel.

Laur said...

Congrats, Mark! Looking forward to reading your graphic novel. Really appreciate everything you've shared with us so far. I'm very much interested in the story you want to tell. (I love time travel. :D)

There is a vulnerability in putting your work out there. I am experiencing the same anxiety with my own project. Best of luck to you!

shank said...

Great thing Mark!!! I always read your blog. And now can't wait to see more of your own work. Keep going...

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mark kennedy said...

Thanks for the great comments! I appreciate the support!

Even you, trolling robot.

rhombus said...

Congrats on the new title, very much looking forward to it.

Great words about putting oneself out there to do your own thing. Your thoughts come at a good time for me as well as inspiration to keep at the personal project I've committed to, despite the whole "no time, no money to be likely made" bit. Sometimes you just have to do it!

Best of luck!

louis said...

Hi . I m french, I m 24 . First, I apologize for my bad english .
I m working on a personal graphic novel and I think I understand a part of what you re talking about .
Since I was born (or maybe it started when I was 7 when I came to a new city), I always have been shy and I always have been afraid of what people could think of me .

I began to study comics seriously for 4 years but at the beginning I was more into action scenes, funny situations and parody .
And now that I m trying to tell a story, I fear again .
But I m doing it alone and I enjoy It, so I keep going . The problem is I don t have any external point of view on my work .

If I ask friends to read what I make . I m afraid of what friends could think about "the way I m thinking" . I would be more confident whith my really good friens but for this case, I m also afraid they could recognize parts of themselves into my characters . They could be hurts .
So I had the idea of showing the work to totally strangers . And I ve been searching for a kind of english-speaking board/forums which talks about graphic novels and story telling . A place where people exchange and show their work .
If you know some place like that I would really be pleased to know it :) .
I already know about, but It s more focused on concept art, paintings and illustration .

By the way, I ve been reading this blog for a certain time (perhaps 1 year) and he helped me to realize so many things . So thank you a lot :) . I can t wait to read your novel . Whith all those internet fans, It must be some kind of pression too .