Friday, February 10, 2012

Ball State University March 1st

I'll be speaking at Ball State University in Indiana on March 1st and the event is open to the public. Here's the facebook page where you can RSVP and there's a link to where the event will be held.

Most of the talk is about the development of the story of "Tangled"- how the characters and the story changed and evolved through the story process. I'll also be touching briefly on how the story department works at Disney and covering the topic of "What Makes a Good Story Sketch?"

I'm looking forward to meeting the students and faculty of Ball State - it should be a great time!

(I should add that, since much of my talk deals with the making of "Tangled" and how the story developed, if you haven't seen the film, you might not get as much out of it...and also I'll be spoiling the heck out of it for you).


TheZealot said...
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TheZealot said...

I believe you have also promised a juggling act, which I very much look forward to. :)

Dave Leonard said...

I WISH I could make that..
Is there any way you could broadcast this on the interweb for those of us unable to attend physically?

Ben Lane said...

That is so COOL! I attended Ball State my first year of're visiting my home town! How did you get booked for this?

mark kennedy said...

TheZealot - also I'll be bringing my White Tigers.

Dave - good question....I don't know. I had to work with Disney to get images approved that I could show for my presentation, so I don't think I could...sorry:(

Hey Ben! They contacted me my through my web site, oddly enough!

Kyrstin said...

This sounds awesome! That's only a few hours away from Chicago, and I'd love to attend. Silly question, but do you know if there are tickets or anything like that...?

mark kennedy said...

Kyrstin-it's my understanding that it's free to the public. Click the link to the Facebook page and maybe you could leave a post there to RSVP? Sorry, I'm not sure.