Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Paul Felix Layout Notes

The great Disney artist Paul Felix wrote some great notes on perspective and layout years ago. They are full of great information and very clearly written. If you've never seen them before, check them out - even if you're not particularly interested in layout they're full of useful knowledge about drawing.

Links to them at the "Unofficial Paul Felix Blog":
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four

Or all in one spot at Dan Caylor's "On Animation":
Paul Felix notes


Rodney Baker said...

I thought I might have seen these but NOPE! Thanks for sharing them. Pure gold. :)

TheZealot said...

Thank you Mark for posting these.
This is the stuff you long to find on the web - sure, there's a lot of information to be found, but admittedly from less qualified sources. This stuff is 100% pro.

Daniel said...

Thanks for the mention Mark. :)

mark kennedy said...

Glad you guys enjoyed them - they really are amazing.

Daniel - no problem, keep up the good work!

estevaolucas said...

very good! thank you!

dte said...

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