Sunday, August 21, 2011

Roy Crane Scrapbook

Roy Crane was an influential comic strip artist that pioneered the adventure strip format. James Gurney, on his blog, recently linked to some pages of a "scrapbook" Crane put together to help other artists assist him in drawing his comic.

It's a great handout, covering such topics as composing for a comic strip, using black, white and grey, and how to draw women. Much as I've tried, I can't find the whole thing in one place. But here are links to some pieces I've found:

From the blog Hairy Green Eyeball 3 - Roy Crane's Art Technique and his Lost World!

From the blog Mike Lynch Cartoons:

Roy Crane and Buz Sawyer
Roy Crane: How to Draw Buz Sawyer

1970: More of Roy Crane's Scrapbook

Roy Crane Scrapbook: How to Draw Women

If anyone knows where to find them all in one place, or knows where there are more of these pages, definitely let me know! This stuff is great and thanks so much to the blogs that have posted this stuff. It's amazing!


David Gale said...

Thanks for posting. I'd never really seen Crane's work before. Incredibly appealing stuff!

Mike Lynch said...

Crane used to do a regular column for Cartoonist PROfiles magazine. The book that collects many of these articles, CARTOON SUCCESS SECRETS, reprints an article from #5, the Feb 1970 issue. I scanned it in here:

You may want to contact Fantagraphics about reprinting all of these Roy Crane Scrapbook pages in one place. It would be a grand idea!

Rodney Baker said...

Wonderful and very insightful. I'd love to see the Roy Crane scrapbooks collected too.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff! I have an original Roy Crane Buzz Sawyer cartoon. When I purchased it years ago, there was very little out there telling about him. Nice to see some recognition now.

MIke Weaver said...

Has anyone gone to Syracuse and looked over the original Crane Scrapbook pages? The university inventory looks like they have them all and they are unrestricted.