Monday, March 14, 2011

Resources for Drawing Different Ages

One thing I always find tricky is drawing people at different ages. So I've collected a few resources here - selected pages from books about the subject - and let me know if you are aware of any other good ones I've missed.

Also in a future post I will jot down a few I have observed myself over the years and that I find helpful.

WARNING - there are drawings of naked people (at different ages) below! If you are offended by such things, you've been warned...

This one is from The Famous Artists Course and it's a good breakdown of how the head changes at different ages.

This page is from Andrew Loomis's "Figure Drawing For All It's Worth".

And here's another page from Loomis's book where he talks specifically about baby heads.

These are from "Atlas of Human Anatomy for the Artist" by Stephen Rogers Peck.

Both Loomis and Peck make the point that the "center line" (where the midpoint of our bodies lies) changes as we grow older. Loomis represents it in his drawing with a cross at the midpoint; in Peck's drawings it is represented by a dotted line.

Here's one by Peck that's a map to where wrinkles form.


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Heather Larkin said...

This is really helpful! Thanks a lot! :D

I was sure that if the boy was holding a turtle, the girl would be holding a doll ... but the woman with the giant bow ... that was unexpected! :D

Sarah said...

Heather I hadn't noticed that until I read your comment! Very unexpected! Just goes to show what great hunters us women are :)

kev ferrara said...

I am horribly offended by all the severed baby heads in this post! You sick, sick man!


In all seriosity, I enjoy your blog and dig your storyboards.


Graham Ross said...

Nice post man.

Bramhaa said...

Thank you for sharing, It was worth than spending time on trying to draw people of different ages with same method. Never thought it would have tricks associated with it.

AndrewRoot said...

Some pics are not charging!

More drawing resource said...

Great list. Thanks for sharing. You could also have this on your list: