Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Here's an example of what I was trying to talk about a couple of posts ago, about finding entertainment in the everyday simple things that we all know...shedding a new light on something that is commonplace and mundane and making it funny and new again.

It's a TV commercial for Chef Boyardee's ravioli, and I always say that students learning to make short films should look at TV ads, because in TV they are forced to tell a story and get their point over clearly within thirty seconds.

I like the tone that the ad hits. It's not cloying or juvenile, and they're walking a thin line where the blanket could easily become creepy, but doesn't. They're smart to sell their product as comforting, safe, and a warm reminder of your childhood to try and get preteens and teens to keep eating the stuff and not feel like they've "outgrown it".

Also because calling their product "meat-that's-not-good-enough-to-be-used-in-hot-dogs-pressed-into-squares-and-loaded-with-sugar" didn't rate as well with the focus groups.


Jim Mortensen said...

Have you seen Apple's Facetime ads, directed by Sam Mendes?

Perfect. Entertaining, human, communicates the product idea brilliantly.


Quentin Lebegue said...

Cool, I definitely need to check ads like this more.

de aap said...

Great posts,thanks Mark, I learn so much from your blog.

In the Netherlands the ads from insuarance company "centraal Beheer" are famous for it's catchphrase "even Apeldoorn bellen" (Just call Apeldoorn) -Apeldoorn is a dutch city where the company is located.

This is there latest add and I love how they can tell an entire story without any words:

Anonymous said...

Having worked in TV commercials for the best part of the last 6 years, I can't say I've worked on many that tell a good story, let alone in a clear, entertaining way. Our clients seem two come mainly from two camps: (a) I don't care what happens as long as our logo/product fills two thirds of the screen at all times (they would put out a 30sec flying logo if they could get away with it), and (b) Let's see how much stuff we can cram in 30 seconds.
Sure, there are fantastic commercials out there (my current favorite being http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ANzDO9ZqppY), but I don't think they are the norm, not by a long shot.

Robert said...

I'd identify ALF as an antecedent of that. ALF with his skin removed.

100 years ago our antecedents would not have believed that food would become so plentiful and so unrecognizable as food that foods would have to compete for our attention.

mark kennedy said...

Jim- No, I haven't, I will check them out, thanks!

Quentin - glad you liked it!

de aap -thanks for the link, I'll check it out!

Anon - well, that's all part of it. When an ad fails, and doesn't communicate and/or connect with the viewer, then that's a good opportunity to learn because you can see where the ad fails.

Robert - I'm sure ALF was an "homage" to something before him too...thanks for the comment

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