Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Tribute to Joe Ranft

The other day, on what would have been Joe Ranft's 50th birthday, there was a lunchtime event at work where several of Joe's friends told anecdotes about him and showed home movies.

This is a video by John Musker illustrating various famous stories about Joe. I wish I could explain them, but to my great regret I had a meeting and couldn't go to the tribute.

If the video isn't formatted properly for you, click here to go to the original youtube page.


dwilson said...

I can think of no kinder thing a friend could do. Thank you for sharing.

cadguycad said...

Agreed, really liked it. I would love to see this as the next Pixar short.

disneynorth said...

wow... What an awesome little piece...

She-Thing said...

Beautiful. So sincere.

Thanks for the share..

Herman G said...

Did not know who did this awesome piece. Everthing flowed perfect and is heartwarming.

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Robert said...

Thanks for posting. Wonderful blog too.

Anonymous said...
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Darrell said...

Thanks for the post.

buy viagra said...

It is nice to know that there are still people who remember and celebrate the efforts of Joe Ranft! The idea of having lunch was excellent.