Sunday, April 26, 2009

Walt Stanchfield on Glen Keane

Here is a section from one of my favorite all-time Walt Stanchfield handouts - in a discussion about how to convey depth in a line drawing, Walt lists the six ways to convey depth simply and easily, and then analyzes a quick sketch from Glen Keane's sketchbook to show how well these techniques can work, even when applied in a very simple and loose way.

You'll notice that there are a couple of repeated sentences which goes to show how accurately the new Walt Stanchfield books are at reprinting word-for-word Walt's classic handouts.

These are from Volume One, which is available from Amazon here.

I am wrapping up my work on my entry for our group comic book and I promise I will resume regular blogging very soon.

Monday, April 06, 2009

"Raiders" Story Conference Notes

Nice people keep sending me this link, so I'd better post it here.

Back when George Lucas and Steven Spielberg were first developing "Raiders of the Lost Ark", they had a brainstorming session with screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan. From what I've heard, those sessions were recorded and transcribed. I've seen xeroxes of those pages for years, but someone has finally posted all 125 pages online in .pdf format.

The link is here.

It's really great reading, especially because Lucas and Spielberg are so secretive about their process. You actually get a sense of their personalities from reading their quotes and an insight into how they both think.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Walt's Books Are Now Available! (and Apologies)

I apologize for being such a bad blogger lately. I have been trying to write several posts but haven't really gotten through them yet. Work is crazy, but the real reason for the delay is that I am spending all of my free time trying to finish my portion of "What is Torch Tiger?", the next anthology from the Disney Feature Animation Story Artists. It's due to be sent to the publisher a month from now. Anyone who is planning to be at the San Diego Comic Con should definitely plan on coming by our booth, meeting the artists and grabbing a copy of our latest work.

Also Walt Stanchfield's books are out! I don't have them yet myself but I guarantee that if you like this blog those books will blow your mind. I don't think there's ever been someone as articulate and thoughtful as Walt when it comes to writing about the are of drawing. I am so happy that the whole world can now get the full benefit of his incredible writings.

Check them out on Amazon here and here.

I will post something good soon.