Saturday, December 12, 2009

New Book on Disney Animation

For anyone that missed this, there was a new book published this week on Disney Animation, full of drawings from Classic Disney features.

Amazon has it for $31.50 here.

The book also contains a small sampling of art form the new Disney 2D feature "The Princess and the Frog". Speaking of "The Princess and the Frog", go see it this weekend. It's full of great animation and it'll help prove that audiences will still pay to see a 2D feature.


Lance said...

I loved the ANIMATION book, I bought it
along with the art of Princess and the Frog.
I wish Frog had more rough animation drawings included. That why I love the art of Aladdin
so much. Anyway, ANIMATION has some great stuff.
I can't believe how clean Milt's worked compared to
someone like Glen Keane. It seems overall
the nine old men's finished drawings were cleaner, no?
Or did they publish more clean up drawings and not the roughs?

Alex_M said...

no milt kahl is the king of 2d animation and his work was very clean according to what ive read and heard. i have to have this book...BTW princess and the frog was awesome. stayed all the way thru the credits. great movie.

Floyd Norman said...

As one of Milt Kahl's former assistants, I can assure you that Milt worked clean - very clean at times.

Even so, you still didn't want to screw up his scene while doing the clean ups.

mark kennedy said...

Floyd would know, so his is the definitive answer!

Just like today, some animators seem to draw very clean and some tend to draw very rough. Everyone works differently.

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