Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What is Torch Tiger? - SDCC 2009

I won't be there this year (too much to do at work) but please stop by booth 2302 if you're at the San Diego Comic Con and pick up a copy (or several) of our new group book, "What is Torch Tiger?". It's a great book by some really great people.

Also, if you buy a copy, feel free to ask the artists working the booth to sign your book. You can return to the booth as often as you want and get more signatures, because the artists working the booth will rotate throughout the Con. Don't be too shy to ask them because they're all very nice and generous people! Just don't pressure them to reveal any Disney secrets! They won't. I try to get them to tell me stuff all the time, and they won't.


Ev said...

Picked up Rocket Johnson last year. Can't wait to grab this one.

Douglas Cootey said...

I've been following What is Torch Tiger blog for months. Really wish I knew someone at SDCC to pick one up for me. Any idea how we unlucky ones can get a copy?

mark kennedy said...

Ev - great! Hope you enjoy it.

Douglas - if there are any left over after the Con they will be available through some online retailers while they last. I will try to post the info here if I can, also keep checking the Torch Tiger blog for info. I wish the book could reach a wider audience myself but doing the book is a TON of work for Paul, who took on the responsibility of getting it done, and trying to make them available to all who might want them is impossible at this time! Hopefully someday we can though.

Floyd Norman said...

I bought my copy within the first five minutes the San Diego Con opened its doors.