Saturday, April 04, 2009

Walt's Books Are Now Available! (and Apologies)

I apologize for being such a bad blogger lately. I have been trying to write several posts but haven't really gotten through them yet. Work is crazy, but the real reason for the delay is that I am spending all of my free time trying to finish my portion of "What is Torch Tiger?", the next anthology from the Disney Feature Animation Story Artists. It's due to be sent to the publisher a month from now. Anyone who is planning to be at the San Diego Comic Con should definitely plan on coming by our booth, meeting the artists and grabbing a copy of our latest work.

Also Walt Stanchfield's books are out! I don't have them yet myself but I guarantee that if you like this blog those books will blow your mind. I don't think there's ever been someone as articulate and thoughtful as Walt when it comes to writing about the are of drawing. I am so happy that the whole world can now get the full benefit of his incredible writings.

Check them out on Amazon here and here.

I will post something good soon.


Sherm said...

I just received my copies of the Walt Stanchfield books, and they are even better than I had hoped for. ProFUSEly illustrated, well-organized, nicely printed, bound for easy reading...ahhh! These essays and inspirations and lessons will keep me inspired for years!

I didn't realize until now that some of the most helpful scraps of instruction I've received over the last fifteen years were cribbed or copied from these notes!

I brought them in to the studio to spread the word, and everyone that's seen them is ooh-ing and ahh-ing over them.

Best adviceto fence-sitters: just GET 'em! (...and buy them from Amazon to save money)

Thanks so much for bringing these to my attention ^_^

mcnooj82 said...

Just got both volumes the past week as a birthday present from a bunch of friends. FANTASTIC gifts!

Doron Meir said...

Just ordered both - thanks for bringing them up!