Sunday, April 26, 2009

Walt Stanchfield on Glen Keane

Here is a section from one of my favorite all-time Walt Stanchfield handouts - in a discussion about how to convey depth in a line drawing, Walt lists the six ways to convey depth simply and easily, and then analyzes a quick sketch from Glen Keane's sketchbook to show how well these techniques can work, even when applied in a very simple and loose way.

You'll notice that there are a couple of repeated sentences which goes to show how accurately the new Walt Stanchfield books are at reprinting word-for-word Walt's classic handouts.

These are from Volume One, which is available from Amazon here.

I am wrapping up my work on my entry for our group comic book and I promise I will resume regular blogging very soon.


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to having you back, I love this blog. Take care!

Anonymous said...


I got both of Walt's books pretty much from reading Seven Golden Camels. Brilliant stuff and a real boon to those of us outside of the Disney studios, but in the industry...

PLEASE keep up this blog! Its always great to read something fun, informative and entertaining from you.