Monday, April 06, 2009

"Raiders" Story Conference Notes

Nice people keep sending me this link, so I'd better post it here.

Back when George Lucas and Steven Spielberg were first developing "Raiders of the Lost Ark", they had a brainstorming session with screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan. From what I've heard, those sessions were recorded and transcribed. I've seen xeroxes of those pages for years, but someone has finally posted all 125 pages online in .pdf format.

The link is here.

It's really great reading, especially because Lucas and Spielberg are so secretive about their process. You actually get a sense of their personalities from reading their quotes and an insight into how they both think.


Michael said...

Thanks for the link, Mr Camel (Or is it Mr Temple?)
Nice one, Mark.

Funny videos said...

It's really great reading, especially because Lucas and Spielberg are so secretive about their process.

M Kitchen said...

Thank you for posting this:
I can't wait to read it.

Lucas (especially the late 70's Lucas) has always fascinated me.

Kev Ferrara said...

Thanks much for this... I am now the exact fly on the wall I always wanted to be! And this transcript did not disappoint. It's interesting to note how fresh and fun Speilberg's ideas are, very much in Hitchcock mode... but I'm even more impressed by Lucas' creative genius and story-logic discipline. (Kasdan impresses as well.) The way everything comes together, its almost like safecracking... pre-designed tumblers falling into natural order. The film is so archetypical, its easy to forget they were creating it, rather than receiving it John Smith-like via some biblical radio receiver. :)

Great blog by the way. I often check in, but have never commented until now. Thanks!


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Michael said...

@Jassy Please don't spam the comments box.
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Graham Ross said...

Freekin awesome. I can't stop reading it!

ToastyKen said...

Thanks for posting this. This is pretty much the most amazing thing ever! Masters at the top of their game! If only every movie (even Indy ones) got this much attention to detail in the planning process!

Dancing Man said...

I was just sent this from someone else and wanted to be sure you'd already found it yourself (but of COURSE you had). Amazing, isn't it? How many brilliant ideas were generated and stratified so quickly? But particularly surprising, given what was to follow, years later - even in the films immediately following "Raiders" (at least in George's case), I have to ask myself, "What happened????" Well, I suppose most of us will never be that brilliant even once in our lives.