Friday, January 25, 2008

Splashing Around

Things are really busy and I'm working on some big the meantime, this is a very small post about a film that's less than a minute. Check it out.

A student could do a lot worse than aim for making a student film as good as this. Nothing that complicated, just very simple and appealing designs that do what animation does best: showcase different personalities in how they all approach the same simple task differently. No dialogue to put over their personalities, just the way they move and apply themselves to the task at hand to tell you who they are and how they differ from each other. Great timing too - what a great rhythm to the piece.

Through the years I've seen some really complicated student films blow audiences away but more often than not it was the simple, sincere, heartfelt and well-thought out piece that really caught everyone's attention and got the biggest applause. Simplicity is a wonderful thing and I believe simplicity lies at the heart of making something appealing. The ironic thing is how hard it is to be simple. We resist it because it seems too easy, that nobody will like our work unless we smother it in layers of complexity, and that way if it's bad, at least nobody will be able to tell because they won't be able to penetrate all of our layers of complexity!


Doron Meir said...

Nice little film, and good point about keeping it simple - I totally agree.

joris said...

I see your point, but at the same time, when I see this movie, I don't have the feeling I saw something memorable, as I know plenty of these kind of movies will come in the future, too.
Altough well done, it misses something personal, and to me that's one of the most important aspects of a studentfilm.
I guess I'm one of those students who often looses himself in to those layers of complexity.

mark kennedy said...

Thanks doron, glad you like it!

joris - I have to disagree, because I think films like this are actually few and far between. The internet is full of little films but I think this one stands out because of how well it's handled. I guess I find that when someone handles personalities well, to me it is "personal" because you're seeing how that artist sees the world. I don't feel like I always need insight into the person on a deep level from a student film. That's great when it works but so many students try to put great personal insight into their films and it overloads the film, making it pretentious and ponderous.

Students films with a strong "personal outlook" are great, but then again to me every student film can't help but be personal because it was handled by one person and you're seeing their total vision. The ability to be entertaining is often denigrated but I think it's a pretty noble goal and awfully harder to do than it looks.

Holger said...

I like it! Thanks Mark.

The Jerk said...

good stuff, agree completely, and it's a great little film, too!

Goobeetsablog said...

Hi Mark,

I have really enjoyed your lessons
on the golden camels blog. So I present to you the "You make my day award" (illustrated by Mike R Baker)

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thanks for sharing your thoughts
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Marge said...

this one reminds me of a (mineral) water animation... with the soundtrack using Queen's "We will rock you"

both are simple, and great

Mrinalini said...

i was blown away by what u had written in this article.believe it or not im currently working on my film and have stopped working because im tryin to add layers to it!add layers for what and for whom? for people who aren going to decipher it anyway??

dte said...

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