Sunday, December 02, 2007

Ken Anderson's AMAZONIA (part one)

UPDATE 12/4: I fixed the image tags so that the images will open in a new browser window and not prompt you to download the images (it was a blogger issue, not my fault!)

A very generous person named Michael Mele contacted me and xeroxed these pages (below) for me. They were done by Ken Anderson, apparently while on a trip to South America (I don't know why each page is divided into four quadrants).

What I do know is that Ken and his wife used to travel quite frequently (earlier I posted some sketches from one of their safaris to Africa) and that Ken always drew on these trips. Someone at Disney told me that Ken used to return from these trips and xerox all of his sketches from the trip, bind them into books and hand them out to his fellow Disney employees. However, the person that told me this made it sound like most artists didn't ask for them and didn't really want them. I got the feeling that most people thought it was a little arrogant to walk around handing out copies of your drawings to other artists. So from what I heard most of the copies went right into the trash.

These are great to see because they're not all polished pieces of finished artwork like most of what we see of Ken's work. Some are beautiful, most are just great quick sketches and some are just observations about things he saw. Ken's stuff was very original because he was interested in the world around him. He observed and recorded all he could to add inspiration and authenticity to his work.

I know the quality isn't great on some of these, but xeroxing was still pretty primitive in 1974. Also, some of the pages have images that are facing different directions - hopefully it is easy enough for everyone to either print these out or download them and rotate them within a graphics program. If that's not easy then let me know and I can re-post them at different angles. Click to see bigger.

There are quite a few pages and I will definitely post them all, but be patient because I hate scanning and I am very busy these days! A big thanks to Michael Mele for sharing them with all of us, because otherwise they would be lost to the world, which would be a real shame.


Juan Pablo said...

Nice travel sketches. I tried drawing some sketches in a trip to Brazil last year, but never got past a little view from the hotel balcony! Drawing sketches is a great habit that I'd love to pick up.

He he, I wouldn't xerox and pass them around to everyone though! I'm sure Ken Anderson was only trying to share something he enjoyed, and that he would love to receive himself, but many artists can be complicated to deal with and have fragile egos.

Well, I've been told it's the same in other fields -architecture, etc.-, people find it hard to accept an advice from a peer even if it's helpful, it's probably part of human nature.

meelis said...

thanks a lot Mark of posting and sharing all the very instructive and interesting material! I keep checking your blog now and then and always find it really inspiring!! Thanks again and please keep doing it! All the very best!

Matt J said...

Excellent stuff! Posts like this demonstrate the power of blogs to disseminate rare material. This is truly priceless-Ken Anderson's personal sketchbook. Can't wait to see more Mark.