Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Haunting a House

Now that it's October again, time for my yearly tradition: reposting this great page from the "Famous Artists Course" by Stevan Dohanos. In it, he talks through his thought process as he composes a picture of a house and adds elements in order to make it look spooky. If anyone is trying to draw a haunted house for Halloween, this will be especially helpful, but even if you're not it's worth a look because he talks through his method and how he approaches the problem of making the house look abandoned and creepy.


Rafi animates said...

excellent. I remember this from last time - timely reminder, thank you. I hadn't realised it had been that long!

Henk said...

Thanks for sharing this.
When looking at the image I thought, ah yes, haunted house, big deal.
Having seens so many images its become a cliche almost.

However after reading the text I became more aware how the choices where made to make this read so incredibly clear. So now taking another look im actually inspired by it.

I now see opportunity. How could I haunt a chair? or make a gloomy window. Where have I seen similar stuff haunted and what tools did they use. Can I turn this around and show the same house with a just married feeling? etc etc