Sunday, September 16, 2007

More on "Drawing is Organizing"

As I said before, a big part of drawing is organizing and juggling all of the elements that make up your picture into a composition that has good design and clearly communicates your idea.

Stephen Worth posted some great stuff from the Famous Artists Course on the ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive back in November. There's a Part One and a Part Two all about composing pictures and it really helps shine a light on the whole idea of organizing your ideas. Give it a look.

I own the Famous Artists Course but my version is (I think) a bit older than the version that Stephen is posting. Stephen's version is much better laid out and explained than the comparable sections of my course. It's really great stuff, just like everything else posted over there, so go have a look!

If you're ever looking to buy the Famous Artists Course and you're wondering which version to buy, all I can tell you is that my version came with four black binders and it appears that Stephen's is three volumes with a different color on each binder. Also be warned that here is a Famous Artist Cartoon Course, which is different. You can get either one of these series from ebay or a used book dealer, but it's sort of a gamble because you never know which version you'll get. Lastly, be aware that the Famous Artists Course is still around and they offer a contemporary course but it's really expensive and I have no idea what kind of artists are running the course these days.


Kevin said...

I have the 1960 version of the famous artists course. It's the three binder version in different colors and I think it's spectacular. I got it on eBay for $70 total. I bought the first two books off one person and the third book off another. I keep an eye out for the cartoon course but it usually goes for a much bigger price due to it's rarity or the fact that it's more popular now because of the archive piece on it.

Love your blog by the way. Great stuff.

Matt J said...

Bob Camp has all 3 volumes of the 60s edition which he showed to me when we worked together in Paris-it's GOLD! I scanned the sections on VIP & Whitney Darrow -they're posted here:

Andreas said...

The famous artists course I picked up are in four different color binders.

Jimmy said...

Hi Mark,

As a current yet plodding student of FAS, I'd say I have fairly mixed feelings of the benefits of the illustration course. There is no question that the course materials are first rate. I received 4 binders: 2 red, 1 blue and 1 green. The cover page of my first binder has a copyright date of 1977. I think that for a person interested in a leisurely, basic art education, the course should be a consideration. For me, I thought the course was perfect, but I was wrong: the more I worked, the more I discovered I had a lot of questions, some procedural, some conceptual, and the 4-6 week time frame for responses has been too slow and, not surprisingly given the nature of correspondence by mail, the feedback impersonal. But FAS is delivering what they promised (which is more than I can say for a lot of places) and I don't regret my decision to try them out. The course has helped me set a ground for exploration and an understanding of where I should focus my energy.

Stephen Worth said...

Just to add to the confusion... There are three Famous Artists Courses: Painting, Commercial Art and Cartooning. Each course consisted of at least two editions, which contain significant differences. 1954 is the earliest, and 1962 is the later one. (I think I have the years right on that...) The very earliest edition of 1954 was in the black binders. The rest all came in either three or four binders. There's a separate index to each course too, but I've only ever seen one of them. The most common is painting, the rarest is cartooning. They're all useful. We have them out where people can work with them at the Archive in Burbank. I'm missing volume one of the cartooning course, so if any kind soul has a copy they would donate, we would appreciate it.


Louise Smythe said...
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