Monday, September 24, 2007

Lost and Found

I was cleaning out my office at home over the weekend and I found a piece of animation art that I forgot I even had. Under some books and papers that haven't been moved in about three years I found the Ken Anderson drawing from "Jungle Book", still wrapped in the cellophane bag it was shiiped in. I believe I bought it off ebay.
I call finding a forgotten piece of animation art and posting it on your blog "pulling a Jenny" because somehow Jenny Lerew manages to do this all the time. She always posts scads of awesome artwork that she seems to find everywhere in her house. If that's what she has lying around imagine what must be hanging on her walls! I'm trying to get her to invite me over sometime so I can check beneath the couch cushions for a lost Ward Kimball drawing or two*.

I actually have a few pieces by Ken. Nothing fancy, but they're all fun little drawings. He must have handed out drawings quite frequently because his stuff is very easy to find and always quite reasonably priced.

*Just kidding, Jenny.


Matt J said...

Marvellous-Anderson's work is sublime. Love to see more.

Floyd Norman said...

I enjoyed working with Ken on "The Jungle Book." Disney is about to release a new two disc set in a week or so.

Hard to believe I worked on this film over thirty years ago. I still can't believe how easy it was to make this movie. I can only discribe our pace as leisurely. Quite a contrast to making films today. Even with Walt breathing down our necks it was still fun.

Will Finn said...

nice sketch. JUNGLE BOOK is definitely one of Ken's finest achievements. so many little moments and character beats came directly from his inspirational sketches. he really imbued that film with a great sense of entertainment.

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Randeep Katari said...

thanks for posting this, rewatching this movie on dvd is a real treat.