Saturday, July 21, 2007

More Stuff from My Sketchbook

Just what this blog needs right now...less words, more pictures. Click to see bigger.

Peeking over the shoulder of an old lady filling out forms at the Doctor's office.

A guy reading a magazine at the Doctor's office.

Another lady reading a magazine at the Doctor's office.

A kid at the counter in the Doctor's office (I've had a lot of long waits at the Doctor lately). Most of these full body ones are about actual size here, but the faces below are a bit bigger than actual size.

Anyone that sketches from real life will end up with a lot of drawings of people talking on their cel phones.

I can't help but draw faces when I am sketching. Drawing a face is much easier than drawing the whole body so I admit it sometimes comes out of laziness. But I am fascinated by faces as well and I am a big believer that someone's personality is expressed in their face. Someone one said that by age 40 we all have the face that we deserve (meaning that by then, if you scowl a lot your face will be in "scowl" mode by default most of the time. If you laugh and smile a lot then your wrinkles at 40 will show that). I don't know if that's true or not but always trying to capture the personality I perceive by the way I draw their face. All this in a couple seconds, of course.

The back of some guy's head, playing a game on his cel phone while waiting for a movie to start.

Some kids at swim lessons.


Dave said...

Great sketches, Mark! Hopefully you don't have to spend too much more time at the doc's office.

pbcbstudios said...

That's the last time I go to Mexico! My doctor said the swelling and dripping should go away in a couple of days. You should have your doctor prescibe you some Zanrax.

Stephen said...

Thanks for posting these, Mark. It's great to see real-life sketches to go with all of your informative posts on sketchbooks!


Amblagar said...

Hey Mark,
i like very much your sketches...
I just have a comment, i hope this comment can be constructive...and not to be taken as a critic!! just the opposite

I feel the sketches very "disneyized"...(which is a problem I also find in my own sketches in my sketchbook...)

I found when drawing from real life, that one has to observe things as they are, extract their escence AND avoid one`s tricks and habits -part of the elements of our style- to really be creative... that can be painfull but more rewarding as one enters the unknown...
I mean...why not to try to create new styles while also learning the technique and expressive aspects of drawing...
hope these comments and thoughts can be of interest! and apologize my english!!

mark kennedy said...

Hey Dave and Stephen, thanks for the comments!

pb - tmi.

Hey santiago - no offense taken, your point is well taken. You know, a lot of young artists worry about developing their "style" but I never gave that any consideration. I just always drew the way it came naturally to draw and just worried about getting better at drawing. You can tell when someone is "putting on" a style to have a style and it always looks false. But I've always gravitated towards a certain kind of illustration and I suppose I draw that way. You make a good point that one can fall into certain tricks and repeat the same stuff over and over. I guess every artist suffers from that to some extent and I should keep an eye on that and definitely keep pushing myself to find new shapes and new approaches. Thanks for the thought!

Will Finn said...

these are swell sketches mark. thanks 4 sharing!

mark kennedy said...

thanks will!

Amblagar said...

hey Mark,
Tranks for your reply!

Jeff said...

"Disneyized???" I don't think your sketches look "Disneyized." Unless you mean that they have that "Magic" then yes I agreee with amblagar. Maybe you mean "Joe Moshierized?"

mark kennedy said...

Ha ha, thank you Jeff, you are too kind!!!

Amblagar said...

Please don´t missunderstand my comments... i love these sketches and this blog is together with johnk´s blog the top animation resource i´ve ever found on the net! and i think mark is very generous in taking time to share all this knowledge...thanks mark!
I´ve just found that john k´s last post is about the topic i commented! check it out it´s great!
Wednesday, July 25, 2007
WOW. MILT GROSS. style, observation, sincerity, humanity
and thanks again!

TS said...

I really like the rough stuff. Drawing quick and loose really brings out the fun!

Thanks for sharing!

hunting said...

great sketches ,Mark! I do the same kinda sketch work which I intend to post up onthe blog I have..and great pieces of informations.