Saturday, June 16, 2007


I thought things were going to slow down for a bit so I could post more, but things got busier instead. I will post something when I the meantime, if you've never seen them, there are some great interviews with Pixar artists on their website. The Joe Ranft interview is great and very informative about the story process. It features some wonderful artwork by Joe, for those of you who've never been fortunate enough to see his drawings.

There are many other great interviews as well here and here, representing a good cross-section of the types of jobs that are involved in the digital animation process. Check them out and enjoy another great free resource on the web.

I'll post some more stuff as soon as I get a chance.


pbcbstudios said...

rock stars never rest!

edhead said...

Great new header!!!!

k. borcz said...

Coolness, thanks for the link dude!

The Cat Realm said...

That is one catchy name that your blog has! Made us look at it. Very nice!
Karl and Anastasia

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