Monday, December 18, 2006

Still More R.H. Screengrabs

So King richard shows up and reprimands Prince John (telling him everything he's done wrong) and Prince John has a meltdown which ends in thumb-sucking. Then (if I remember correctly) Marian explains what's been happening to King Richard.

This version seems unsatisfying for a few reasons. Number one, King Richard is talked about in his absence all through the picture. This always lends a mythic status to a character, especially one that is beloved like King Richard. So having him show up alone really undercuts that idea. Also he has no logical reason to show up at the church. It's weird. And having him repeat a list of PJ's crimes doesn't buy anything. We saw all those crimes commited. We don't need to hear all about them. It also turns the mythical King into a bit of a irritating and preachy guy. We all want to see the villain get his comeuppance but there's nothing satisfying about seeing him get a lecture from somebody. I actually like the way King Richard is treated in the finished movie where he just shows up for one scene and is treated as a very affable guy with a big personality. It fits with the mythic figure the movie sets up.

There's nothing wrong with having your hero portrayed as un-heroic at times but it seems a bit strange to have Robin so completely out of it this late in the picture. Usually that happens earlier in a story so the hero can recover and then save the day. At this point the movie is basically over and in the very next scene Robin is up and around and totally healthy, so him being wounded and sick doesn't really buy you anything dramatically at this point.

I'll post the happy ending next. Click to see bigger.


Matt J said...

Thanks again for taking the trouble to post all these. Merry Xmas!

Christopher said...

Thanks as well for posting these. Unsatisfying as this deleted scene was, I cracked up at seeing Sir John AND Sir Hiss thumb-sucking. (or tail-sucking) That was gold! :D