Tuesday, December 26, 2006

And They All Lived...

...happily ever after, of course. In this version, Prince John and Sir Hiss aren't shown breaking rocks in prison suits (like they are in the finished version) or anything like that. They're just absent. Even the Sheriff of Nottingham was invited to the wedding (he's crying, no less).

I really like a lot of these drawings. They are very simple and clear. They have a ton of appeal. The best thing about simple drawings like these is that they can be produced very quickly and then strung together on film to see if the story is working. Today, there is usually much more of an emphasis on things like drawing on model, indicating more of a sense of layout, defining a character's expression more precisely and adhering to a more exacting sense of what the real cutting and staging will be. All of these things are important, especially on modern movies where time is a factor. The closer the boards can be to the final product, the easier it is for everyone down the line (layout, animation, etc.) to build on what you have boarded and do their job effeciently. Plus, watching an hour and a half or so of story reels is not much fun and the more polished and fancy the story sketches are the easier it makes the reels for people to watch. Then they have a better reaction to the material.

The drawback to trying to put too much into your boards is that it can inhibit your thinking and experimentation. The more you are concerned with getting the staging exactly right (and stuff like that) the less you are able to free your mind to try out different ideas and exploring the characters and situations.

Of course, every film is different and has a different need. Every director has their own tastes and preferences as well (but I never met anyone - directors included - that didn't prefer pretty drawings to crude ones).

All in all it is important to remember that a good film is made from good ideas. Not pretty drawings.

...then again, if I was a better draftsman, I might have a different opinion.

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chickennuggets said...

Merry Christmas Mark!

Sonoma retreat next week! hooray!

Sandra Khoo said...

WOW! Thank you so much for sharing all those wonderful images from one of my all time favorite Disney cartoons. And thanx also for reminding us all on the all important factor of getting the characters,expressions and ideas across in simple yet clear n appealing drawings on those sheets of papers first before anything else. Yes, they do make all the difference in the world from a mediocre cartoon to an absolutely warm and emotional experience.

Cheers and have a great new year ahead. ;)

ostrich shoes said...

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