Saturday, October 07, 2006

Making Comics

For all of you that enjoyed The Comic Strip Artist's Kit and wanted more information along those lines...your answer may be here.

Many other websites have already praised "Making Comics" by Scott McCloud so I am just the latest person to pile on and add my endorsement. I have been trying to find it in bookstores for a while and I was finally able to grab a copy while out of town on vacation. This is a great book! For anybody interested in visual storytelling this book is a fascinating read. It's all really good information about storytelling, design, and fact Scott covers many topics I have covered and have planned to cover here. Actually, I feel a little funny about a lot of this stuff being written down and explained. I don't feel like I need to cover some of this stuff anymore. So if you like this blog I can only assume you would like the book. I haven't read any of Scott's other books but I hear great things about "Understanding Comics" as well.

Amazon has the book so you can get it from them. Also, here's Scott's official site for the book.


Marmax said...

Yeah I looked for it at a bookstore to check it out but they didn't have it. They had a lot of Christopher Hart books though. :(

Andreas said...

A friend of mine directed me to this book the other day when he was telling me about the 24 hour comic book challenege. Thanks for reminding me of it.

marmax, I haven't met a single artist in the comic book industry that doesn't groan at the mention of Christopher Hart books.

Anonymous said...

This is a pretty good book, I just felt like I didnt get as much out of it as i thought i would< i felt like i got a taste of things.

You on the other hand have gone far beyond to talk about different topics. please keep up the good work. You have a lot to offer and dedicate more than anyone i have seen on the web.

Take care

Masked Stinker said...

I haven't met a single artist in the comic book industry that doesn't groan at the mention of Christopher Hart books.

I have a few of his books and though I don't alway's agree with Hart's opinions, I learned some things from the guy.
So, I kinda curious why people don't like him.

I thumbed through Making Comics in the bookstore and found the thing very hard to read, so I didn't buy it.

SMacLeod said...

I just got my copy. It's our text book in graphic novel class at calarts (more like a story structure class).

BTW, have you any clues as to where Barry Johnsons blog is? Or does he just make up the fact that he has a blog.

mark kennedy said...


Don't look for his blog, it has driven several people insane looking for it! Believe it or not, I never looked. I figure if he doesn't want us to see it then I don't want to ever find it.