Friday, September 15, 2006

Technical Difficulties?

Welcome to all the new visitors who have found the site through boingboing and drawn.

Okay, this is an interactive post: I need feedback on how the site works, on a technical level. even though I scan and post stuff at a high resolution, and it opens up big on my computer, sometimes I see comments on other sites that my jpegs don't open up big enough when you click on them. Has anyone had this problem? Also sometimes people say the jpeg links are broken or that they experience other glitches.

I create this blog on a Mac so maybe there's a problem when you check it out on a PC, I don't know. I would appreciate some feedback in the commenbts section from people who have had problems and I will try to fix them (even though I'm completely computer illiterate).


Masked Stinker said...

Well, when I open the jpgs, the open large on the screen at 72 dpi.

When I print out some of the images for reference I bump up to a higher dpi.

Benjamin De Schrijver said...

Never had any problems at all. Or at least none that I can recall.

Ray Frenden said...

Been watching for a long while and never had any problems with images loading. I view at 1600x1200 and the images are still legible. They may be lower res than is optimal for print, but c'mon. Beggars for free tutorials and nuggets of wisdom can't be choosers.

Gah, you finally got me to post!

Homie Bear said...

I don't have any problems either, but I think it would be great (and I know you just said you're computer illiterate)if you (or someone who has the skills) customized your template a bit to reflect your artistic capabilities.

darren-s said...

I use a pc and internet explorer. No problems so far.
Great blog, too. I think I check this site out more than any other blog.

Anonymous said...

no problem here, using a pc and internet explorer. althought if i may suggest something, it would be nice if you could scan the stuff at a higher resolution, like 100 dpi.

anyway, thanks for the awesome blog! oh and, why dont you make up a little back story for your blog title "temple of the seven golden camels" it could be in the form of a few small rough sketches, that would be fun!

MarkP said...

The only reason for this complaint (that I can think of) is the rescaling often applied by both IE and Firefox on windows— when large images are loaded they will be rescaled (without filtering) to fit within the browser window. This feature can be switched off by the user but I believe it is on by default.

Josh Farkas said...

I found your amazing site through Drawn! a few days back and have since went through your archives and re-read every article. No problems to report here! (Running a Mac using Safari.)

It would be amazing for higher resolution large scans but if you get high traffic the bandwidth needed may just crush your site altogether!

Sincere thanks for the amazing site.

Anonymous said...

I’m not understanding whether the complaints are regarding the overall resolution of the images, or there is some unusual glitch in how they open in certain browsers. If it’s the latter, I agree with the comments of MarkP. Netscape will also optionally size the image to fit the size of the browser window, but that wouldn’t be unique to this site, and only a newbie wouldn’t know how to click to bring it full resolution.

If it’s a matter of overall resolution, keep it mind that the more screen resolution your viewer has, the smaller the images will appear. For instance, an image in landscape format that is 1024x768 pixels will (viewed at actual size) perfectly fit the screen of a person who has his monitor set to 1024x768. One image pixel fills one screen pixel. On an old monitor set to 800x600, this same image will look huge, and scrollbars will be needed to see it. On a new kickass monitor set to 2560x1600, the image will look small, and take up less than one-quarter of the screen.

John C.

mark kennedy said...

Okay, thanks for the input, sounds like most people are getting things to work fine! Thanks, guys.

gekitsu said...

no problems here, on a pc browsing the net with opera.

as for picture size: well, a blog focussed on such a visual topic, image quality certainly is an issue that plays a role.
on the other side, people who frequent such a blog are willing to actually see loading time caused by file size as something positive, because a few hundreds kb jpeg sure fulfills its visual purpose to a higher degree than a 40kb jpeg of a few hundred pixels a side.

just ensure that there is no guesswork needed on the viewers part and that the images are large enough that the viewer can indulge in the detailwork, read brush strokes and pen lines etcetera.

Roy Blumenthal said...

Hiya Mark...

Killer blog, dude! Much appreciated. And yup... the hard work you're putting into this has massive ripple effects.

(I've found that when I teach people what I know, I realise that I know a lot more than I thought I did, and I learn it all again myself too. So hopefully you're getting more than just a great feeling out of this blog.)

Re the JPEG issue. I haven't experienced any hassles on your site. I've downloaded all seven of the images in the TOOLKIT (mentioned on Drawn, which is how I got here), and they were fine.


There's a VERY good chance that some of your other images will be un-viewable on a PC.

Mac has a default way of rendering JPEGS that makes them ONLY viewable on Macs. And you may sometimes have that option on.

I don't know anything at all about Macs, so it'll be best if you just ask one of your colleagues to help you out on this one. It IS an issue, a known issue.

I vaguely recall it having to do with Macs defaulting to CMYK, while PCs default to RGB. Something like that.

Or it could be Macs default to 32 bit colour and PCs 24 bit. Something to that effect.

Thanks for the blog.

Blue skies

Jeff Milner said...

Love your site, haven't had any problems that I can recall.


K. Borcz said...

Love your site, we've discussed it at our local cartoon club here in Chicago. I've had NO problems with res or anything in my browser. Keep posting and we'll keep reading!

Benjamin De Schrijver said...

I forgot to mention before that I'm on a PC. And I don't think I've ever had problems viewing images. So you're probably not saving them as mac-only jpg's

Anonymous said...

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