Friday, September 15, 2006

More "Art Of Disney" Scans

Between Paul Briggs and I eventually all of the new "Art of Disney" book will be blog form.

This catalog is from a Disney exhibit currently on display in Tokyo. In the lobby of our building, they are playing footage from a documentary made about the show, and it shows a Japanese woman outside of the Disney ARL (or Animation Research Library, where all the old Disney artwork is kept).

Anyway, she's talking in Japanese but the subtitles indicate that the address of the ARL is Top Secret for "security reasons".

Seriously? That's too funny. It's a rather poorly kept "secret". Probably all the people who live in Burbank and/or work at Disney know exactly whre it is. Anyway, some more pages from the exhibition to see bigger.


Steve said...

Mark, you are so outdoing yourself on this blog as of late... I can't tell you how awesome these posts are, and how fortunate we are you take the time to do this...

Thanks so much...and keep em' comin =]

ignore the stuff below, I'm viewing the blog with my 3 yr.daughter and she wanted to play with keyboard =]

issabella =]9876543211`

Mark McDonnell said...
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Mark McDonnell said...

Incredible man. WOW. Is there any way to get a copy???


pbcbstudios said...

I asked Burny about these and he said Rinaldi did them for some t.v. promotional thing. He said Rinaldi was just like the Italian chef Tony in the movie.

- I'm gonna swipe these and put them on my blog too! HAha! thanks!

Ernesto Melo said...

Between Paul Briggs and I eventually all of the new "Art of Disney" book will be blog form.

Really? That would be amazing! I was looking at the MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART TOKYO and Japan Amazon and I couldn't find anything.

mark kennedy said...

Thanks for the comments. Glad you like it Steve!

Mark - sorry, I don't know of any way to get the book (other than ebay). Hopefully Disney will make it available to the public soon.

pbcb - curse you.

Ernesto - I'm working on it! More to come.

Anonymous said...

i got 2 copies.. the other day when i went to the tokyo museum of modern art in tokyo. superb exhibition but just too crowded..cos each room with the exhibits was just too small to accumulate so many people. and i will try to make it available on ebay soon.

chris said...

you'd better! the last one sold for $511!

plane ticket to tokyo dont cost that much..