Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Joe's Room

My good friend took this picture for me today. thanks man! He will remain anonymous because technically we're not supposed to take pictures at work. Not that anyone would really care though.

I am so glad that Joe got his due. He deserved this honor so much. Now we have a "Joe Grant Story Room" (formerly Story Room 1) and a "Joe Ranft Story Room" (Formerly known as Story Room 2).

Not to be ungrateful but now we need a Vance Gerry Story Room, a Joe Rinaldi Story Room, a Don Dagradi Story Room and a Bill Peet Story Room. I'm going on a hunger strike until we get them! Who's with me?

Pete Young probably deserves a room too but I don't know much about him. Once we get all the other rooms we will work on one for Pete.


barry johnson said...

Woot!! Fantastic.

chickennuggets said...

Maybe they'll name the bathroom after Kennedy, and every time i have to go, i think of Kennedy. And Rob Liefield.

Chris said...

How about Ken Anderson? What I've seen of his work always amazes me but I haven't run across very much of it. There is one panel in Illusion of Life that always kills me, the one from Jungle Book with Mowgli in the foreground and Baloo and Bagheera in silhouette in the background.

Thanks for posting this Mark! And thanks for the great rememberance of Joe in your last post!

floyd Norman said...

Speaking of bathrooms, I can't help but think of the day Phil Mendez moved his office at Hanna-Barbera into one.

Phil added the "dez" onto the word, "men." So, I guess Phil had his own memorial storyroom entitled, "MENdez."

Didier Ghez said...


I have recently interviewed Dave Michener and Steve Hulett for Walt's People and there are a few questions about Pete Young for you in those interviews.

Jenny said...

Just wow. : )

RoboTaeKwon-Z said...

But I keep hearing that you guys will be moving out of that horrendous hat building and into a more animation freindly place. Is that true? Will Joe's room go with you? And what about the Daniel Chong Drinking Fountain?

David N said...

This is great and an apt tribute to Joe. Thanks for sharing the photo.

Hey, by the way, I really like the new "look" of your blog template.

Randeep Katari said... kennedy.
That is SO cool...I wish I could have seen that too...great to see you've posted it though. That room holds an incredibly special memory for me too from you guys.

mark kennedy said...

hey barry, glad you like the photo.

nuggets.....very nice.

Chris - yes Ken was great but technically not really a story artist. I think he really only started doing boards after Bill Peet left. He was a great Visual Development guy. He and Mary Blair deserve a room somewhere too!

Floyd - yikes!

Hey Didier, cool, I will check that out.

Jenny - thanks, love you.

Robo - yes we will be moving soon but I will be staying behind in the Joe Ranft room.

David - thanks! Not too "baby poo" for you is it? I like it better too.

Randeep - yes, come back and see it in person! Are you ever going to post photos from your trip? I want to see them!

admin said...

Very kewl....

Jib Jabin' Tina said...

Maybe we could name all the doors, walls, shelves, and floor tiles after all the greats who have come before. And name all the floor tiles like star walk in Hollywood. Oops watch out, don't step on Freddie Moore. ~Tina Price

Anonymous said...

They need a Michael Ovitz corporate incompentency suite, too, like THAT will ever happen.

Skribbl said...

Awesome. That looks like the small story room. So are they going to name the bigger ones?? How about the big one on the second floor?? I think Vance definitely needs one. Oh and Bill Peet too! I vote for the Floyd Norman stairwell.

nick said...

a really nice way to remember Joe Grant...great site by the way

Randeep Katari said...

Hey Mr. Kennedy.
Sorry about that - I'm going to visit some family in Montreal tonight...I'll post them as soon as I get back - haven't really done it because some people might get jealous that I met the people I did...but I've come to a point where I don't care anymore y'know?
Post em on WEDNESDAY

Todd Oman said...

Yes if anything a Bill Peet story room.

Steve Hulett said...

Pete Young defifinitely needs a Story Room. As does Vance G.

They were both terrific story artists. Vance, happily, had fifty years to prove how good he was. Pete, sadly, did not.

The Branch said...
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The Branch said...

Hey Mark,

I'm about halfway through the archives on this awesome blog and I'm making notes on **everything** that you posted. Even though I'm not done, I wanted to take a minute to thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting this information online. I'm in an animation school in Toronto, but we don't cover HALF of the material that's found in this blog. It's understandably frustrating, but I'm very fortunate that people like you, John Nevaraz, etc... are kind enough to help everyone else out there who genuinely wants to improve their board work and design skills.

So from a second year student from Toronto, all I can say is Thank you very much for taking the pains and time in preparing this awesome blog.

Thanks again,

Young Vo said...

Great blog! Still read the archive. Keep it coming.

Su Ranft said...

Anyone who knew Joe would know these things:
1) He avoided the spotlight and believed that quality work was its own reward.
2) He would have preferred that any funds used to glorify his name or career be given to charity.
3) He would never have wanted a room named after him, especially if it implied, in anyway, that he was more deserving than any other artist who had not been honored in this way. Ken Anderson, Bill Peet, Vance Gerry, Joe Rinaldi, Don Dagradi as well as the many others who went before him were his heroes, teachers and inspirations. He would be horrified to think he had caused anyone to feel slighted.
4) To be involved in any kind of popularity contest would have broken his heart.
5) He considered himself a product of the education and training he received, ever and always a part of a team, never an independent talent nor a solo artist.
6) He would have wished to be remembered for his community service, good works for the betterment of those less fortunate, and his involvement with his church and spiritual outreach programs. He would have wanted to inspire others to give of their hearts, not insight competition or debate.

For a man who was deeply uncomfortable being singled out, this last year of recognition and tribute would have been beyond uncomfortable for him. It is too late to ask that the funds that were spent putting his name over the door be given to charity. Instead of going through the complicated process of having hallways and workrooms named after people he himself admired, maybe there should be a petition passed around requesting that his name be removed from Story Room 2. That would be so much simpler and Joe would have approved, but that seems a bit harsh.

At 45 Joe had spent well over half his life working in the animation industry. Most of that time was spent working for Disney directly or at Companies producing movies in partnership with Disney. Instead of seeing his name above the door and being reminded of all the things he accomplished in so short a time, perhaps it can instead be a tribute to the things he would have done in the future. In that way we can all be reminded that life is indeed short, and should be lived lovingly, purposely and with commitment and integrity. Let Story Room 2 remind us not of his accomplishments as an artist and story man, but of his contributions as a human being who left us too soon.
Rather than being reminded of Joe's death, or all the names that have not yet been honored, be inspired to live as though this is your last day on Earth, because it could be.
Su Ranft

mnmears said...

The journey is the reward ... or as a friend of mine likes to say: Life itself is a sexually transmitted terminal disease.

How would you live your life differently if you knew you had a year, a month, a week, a day, an hour left before your physical death?

Had Joe lived to be 80 or 100, I'm sure he would have grown just a TAD more comfortable with the tributes. Still, I'm sure he'd remind everyone, like Su did, of what he learned from his heroes like Bill Peet and that he simply was part of a great creative team.

The contributions Joe made to the planet -- through all his work and deeds -- as a student, a teacher, an artist, a cherished husband, father and family man and as a human -- are worth honoring. That, in itself, brings no disrespect to all the people who blazed the trail long before he did.

Joe Ranft -- God blessed us all with your extraordinary talents and your life.

Enjoy and celebrate your life on a daily basis, be giving, be kind, be charitable, be humble. It's easier said than done.

greg manwaring said...

I think that the dedication of this room in honor of Joe Ranft simply shows the love, we in this industry, have for him.

He is sorely missed on a physical basis, but on a spiritual one he lives on in our memories. I for one am honored and happy that he allowed me into his world!