Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Some Bill

Things are crazy and I don't have much time to post right now. So here's a couple of scans of Bill Peet boards that I xeroxed directly from the originals - Vance Gerry owned them and he was nice enough to bring them to work and let me color copy them.

This was a Christmas card that the Peets sent out one year.

Vance had this one framed - I xeroxed it, frame and all.

Bill's simplicity adds to the power of the drawings. Many artists are afraid of simplicity because it can expose all of your weaknesses.

Most board artists concern themselves only with putting over the action and the attitudes - they are content to put over what is happening. Bill could convey all that and suggest the mood as well - a difficult thing to do.

Click all to see bigger.


pbcbstudios said...

finally, enough jibba jabba about current movies and t.v. shows - let's get back to the good stuff!

mmm-mm-mm - tasty. love those silhouettes.

the doodlers said...

Thanks for reminding us how great this work is.

Ali said...

That's a great self caricature on the christmas card. He nailed it with a few loose lines.

floyd Norman said...

Before beginning work on "The Jungle Book," I used to sneak in Bill's office to look at his boards.

I was just a kid at the time and somewhat hesitant to face the master. I sure learned a lot from studying his boards, though.

Wilbert Plijnaar said...

Do you think the 'elephant in the room' could be eluding to a tension in the family?
Or am I reading to much into it?

mark kennedy said...

I don't know! I never thought of that...