Thursday, July 13, 2006

Cool Tip of the Week

Local radio station KCRW has a weekly radio show called "The Treatment" hosted by Elvis Mitchell. This podcast can be downloaded from itunes or you can get it from the station's official site.

The show contains interviews with some great filmmakers and are definitely worth checking out. A recent one featuring David Mamet is really informative. I was going to post some great quotes from it but i figured it would be better to send you straight to the source without me interpreting his thoughts for you.

To be honest I tend to listen to a few episodes and then I have to take a break for a while. Elvis Mitchell is a fascinating character in his own right and he has an interview style that drives me crazy after prolonged exposure. He reminds me of James Lipton from "The Actor's Studio" in that Elvis tends to ask questions that come off as pompous and tedious. It seems to me that he likes to hear himself speak and he likes his questions to sound very high-brow and intellectual, even when discussing things like the Roger Corman movie "Grand Theft Auto" with Ron Howard. Frequently, when Elvis asks a question, I can't even tell what the hell he's asking, or if he's even posing a question. It seems to me that many of his questions are actually statements. He uses the word "specificity" so often that it should be a drinking game. And I think he's using the word incorrectly most of the time.

But, as the recent Ron Howard interview points out, Elvis does have a way of asking questions about film that no other journalists do. Elvis doesn't ask about on-set gossip or gush over his guests too much. He lets them talk about whatever they want and he has that rare ability to actually ask the logical follow-up question that journalists never seem to have anymore. And as a result he occasionally gets them to say insightful stuff about acting and making movies. And it's all free! So check it out and let me know what you think (start with the Mamet, I'm telling you).

If anyone else knows about a cool podcast, let us know (other than the ultra-cool Animation Podcast. If you haven't listened to Burny's interview yet, shame on you).

UPDATE: Dan pointed out that itunes doesn't have all of the podcasts and the Mamet one is missing. For all of the past shows, check out this page and scroll down to find Mamet. Click on the Mamet result to get options of listening to the interview in several formats.

I'm not sure why itunes removed the archived shows; the best way to find them all is to visit and search for "The Treatment". Then you can find a page that has all of the interviews; however, I was unable to cut and paste a link to that page. Sorry about the confusion! If you subscribe to the podcast through itunes you'll never miss another one.


Benjamin De Schrijver said...

I love the Charlie Rose show. He asks really interesting questions, comes over intelligent instead of trying to look intelligent, and the guests seem to love to be there. There's a lot of politics and literature on it, but also a lot of directors, screenwriters and actors. I downloaded a ton from (where the shows've been free for much longer than "today" now) through a Firefox plugin you can find here:

Dan said...

Am I missing something? I checked out the treatment on itunes, but there is no mention of David Mamet. Is the interview with him? Or is he just mentioned in it?

mark kennedy said...

Dan - good question - i figured out the problem and I will post answer on blog.

Dan said...
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Dan said...


love what you're doing though...truely priceless.

Steve said...

Thanks for the kind words Mark =]

To me this is what makes the internet such an incredible place,

I could never dream of being able to talk to someone of your immense talent otherwise, let alone, receive a complement for my own measily contributions to art, but somehow on the internet we are just two regular joes sharing the same passion for learning and sharing our ideas on a medium we're both so inspired by...

Great post by the way, and Dito what Dan said =]

mark kennedy said...

Thanks for the nice words, Steve, but using the words "immense talent" and me in the same sentence is pretty ridiculous. As I said on your site I couldn't do what you do!
Glad you're enjoying the posts!

Lee-Roy said...

I'm also a fan of The Treatment. One of my favorite radio shows/podcast right alongside The Animation Podcast. I never noticed Elvis' use of "specificity," but I will get my shots lined up for the next episode.