Sunday, June 11, 2006

More to Come

No, I haven't fallen off the face of the Earth, everything has been really, really busy. I've been working on a bunch of posts but they're not ready yet. I want to scan a ton of stuff but my scanner at home is too small and I haven't had a chance to scan stuff at work.

Soon I will scan all the Milt Kahl stuff I have, as promised. It's all big so I have to make time to do it at work. In the meantime, the best Milt Kahl drawing ever: a self-portrait as he gives the bird to King Leonidis.

In the future, even when pressed for time I will try to scan selections from the Famous Artists Course. They don't require much explanation. But things are crazy right now and I will resume a more frequent schedule when I can!


floyd norman said...

Oh lord, it's Uncle Milt! He could be scary at times (I know, I assisted him) but what a draftsman. Kahl made it all look so easy, but he was fantastic.

King Kahl had a pretty good sense of humor as well. I drew a lot of gags about Milt and never got fired.

Judy said...

I've missed your blog posts! glad to hear you're coming back to it.

Steve said...

Thanks for any of the posts Mark, they are always super helpful, and they also require some studying, so even if they don't come everyday they're certainly worth the wait =]

Scott LeMien said...

yay! look forward to more Mark posts!

Gavin said...

What a great blog. I really appreciate you takin the time to scan all these great images and notes. Scanning can get very boring!

Great milt drawing too.

Thanks again for such a great blog.