Tuesday, June 20, 2006

More Milt, Less Talk

Just what everybody wants. Ckick to see them bigger.


Victor Ens said...

Isn't it just fantastic work !?
I love all of this stuff so much.
Note all the "straight against curves"
The hands and everything are so awesome.

Thanks you very much for sharing this great work with us.

SMacLeod said...


Frankie Stellato said...

Sweet man thanks a lot for these! :D Love the sword in the stone!

Uncle Phil said...

effin A. EFFIN A.

thanks for the posts... man..o man.

effin a.

Benjamin De Schrijver said...

Thanks! But still, "talk" is always great as well!

Susi said...

Right, we want the talk too!, :) it's invaluable, I'm learning so much thanks to this blog.
Keep going Mark, you're awesome, and thank you so much for all the work you put in this blog!

mark kennedy said...

Thanks for all the positive feedback! I will "talk" more when i have more time to blog. Right now time is tight so I will have to settle for posting pretty pictures!

J. R. Pickthall said...

I must say this is the guy who inspired me as a child, these are the exact films I use as a benchmark for my own work needless to say i dont match up :). Im not an animator or anything just an enthusiastic amateur.

thanks for telling about this guy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mark!

Note that in the top image Merlin has an enlarged forehead compared to how he looks in the film. I heard an anecdote that Milt and Bill Peet wanted to suggest Merlin's magic was really the result of an extra-large brain, but allegedly Walt nixed it.