Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Hunt Is On

My way-too-generous pal mrdalybred has started a blog where he is conducting a scavenger hunt to give away some of his legendary Blackwing pencils. Like all great drawing materials they have ceased production and you can't get them anymore except on ebay for ridiculous prices. If you live in Southern California join in the hunt!

Many people get really worked up about drawing materials (myself included). I got hooked on the old Berol brand China Markers and Prismacolors and when Sanford bought out Berol they ruined the china markers and pencils somehow. They became scratchy and nowhere near as smooth. I complained to the Sanford company several times but they totally blew me off. So I went on a search for all of the old Berol brand supplies I could find. Now I have a trove of them myself, but like mrdalybred points out it becomes hard to use them once you have a limited supply! It's too intimidating.

I switched over to the Dixon china markers but they're too waxy. Some people here at Disney got into using black Crayola crayons but they are too light for me. Hard to get a solid black.

But it's worth pointing out that knowledge makes you a great artist, not your drawing supplies! Don't get too hung up on one material or method of working. Experiment with new materials and methods all the time - otherwise you'll get into a rut. Keep challenging yourself and always try something new!

See Jenny Lerew's blog for more info on the legendary Blackwing.


Jenny said...

I'm always up for a new utensil; last week we made a run to Swain's and typically I wound up somehow spending way more than anyone else on all kinds of stuff, brush pens etc. Fun to experiement with, but seldom results in a new tool of choice.
I find I do best with my old favorites. I still swear by those Blackwings, though--they just plain are different!--so smooth!--but as you noted, not good for boards. btw, what did you like to animate with? Did you go for the ol' Blaisdells, too?

mark kennedy said...

Blaisdells were cool but gone before my time. I used to love those blue German "polychromos" pencils when I was animating but at Disney back then you could only get a couple at a time. Today if I were animating I would just use those 2B or 4B Turquoise deals. They're fine.

J said...

That surprises me to hear that Disney would only give you a few at a time. I guess it makes sense, otherwise they'd be filling everyone's pencil drawers for free.