Thursday, May 25, 2006

Amazing Find!!!

Holy Mackerel, I just stumbled onto the website of the Chris Beetles Gallery which has a ton of original art for sale by great artists including Quentin Blake (above) and Ronald Searle! Be forewarned that the prices are pretty steep. I can't afford them myself, but you know, my birthday is coming (hint, hint).

UPDATE: Oh and they have E.H. Shepard originals too. You can own this beauty for only $135,000.00. C'mon, look under those couch cushions, people!


Benjamin De Schrijver said...

Not to mention the HUGE collection of Al Hirschfeld! Lordy Lord what a great site. Thanks for the link!

Marmax said...

I only had $134,000 under my couch cushions... :(

chickennuggets said...

good thing i have two couches.

SMacLeod said...

did you see

mark, your posts are invaluable. Thanks so much. Jim Capobianco said your site was amazing when I talked to him too. I'm glad I'm not the only one who posts practically every day.

keep it up!

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mark kennedy said...

Hey guys, thanks for the comments - let's all chip in and get one together.

Hey smacleod I don't post every day anymore but I admire those who can! I like all the great stuff you post. I found that searle page yesterday, it's really cool!

edhead said...

Firstly, Mark what a really wonderful blog - cheers for everything you've put up so far, I can't wait to see more!
I'm not sure if you can buy them over the web but Chris Beetles do great catalogues of all the work being displayed - I've been in and picked up some great 'books' for only £10 or so, which is great when there's no way I can afford an original! The Hirshfeld one was full of great images and wonderfully presented.

Jenny said...

You know...those are worth it, aren't they?

I know, I know--the prices are likely way too steep(I'd say, offhand, that a more rational price for the Shepard(I am nuts about him btw)would be more like 35,000, not 135,000!), and I can't afford them either(no kidding).

But hey--what can I get you to sell Mark Kennedys for, hmm? You know, I not too long ago rediscovered a drawing by you that you left on my desk at school; a self-caicature that had you looking off into the distance, hand to brow, saying "Where's Jen?" I saved that damn thing and brother, it looked pretty dogeared...I was going to put it away again, but I think I was thinking, "Come on! Are you nuts? What are you going to do with this? Youre' so sentimental(or mental)! It's got a coffee ring on it, for pete's sake! And I think I tossed it. Or, maybe I did put it away again...I can't find it now--and now of course I want it! If only to shake it in front of you, haha! It really is/was a cool drawing, btw.
The point of that long & typically rambling story is that first: save all your doodles, Mark! Maurice paid off his mortgage with a trunk of "stuff" he'd saved from Disneys!
And second--there's nothing better than the graphic piece--a drawing, an ink me that's heaven. From a good artist, I mean. ; )

mark kennedy said...

edhead - yeah, it looks like you can order them over the Internet. A good deal!

Jenny- it's hard for me to imagine how ink on paper could be worth that much. They did have some Shepards in the 35K range if you have that.

A Mark original is only worth whatever my Mother would pay for one. I'm sort of glad you lost that drawing or else you might be tempted to post it...

Matt J said...

The Beetles' gallery has a fantastic catalogue & in rec ent years has staged 2 of the best exhibitions I've ever seen - retrospectives of Hirschfeld & Searle.
However I do suspect the prices are vastly overpriced.

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