Monday, April 10, 2006

One More Look...

I couldn't help but notice how cool this is. On this one, the line-of-action on the cop is all diagonal towards Mickey to emphasize that he's looking at Mickey. But then his badge is all horizontal, which acts as an accent to the diagonal and your eye goes right to it. If the badge was on a diagonal too you wouldn't see it as easily, but this way you can take in the look and the badge all in one glance.

What's the cop saying? No idea.


Benjamin De Schrijver said...

The cop's saying "and of course I got this with my chewing gum, huh!" after mickey told him the crows had stolen it all, not him.


- Benjamin

OV! said...

cool stuff mark, where are these mickey comics from?


mark kennedy said...

I dunno! All I know is that Daan Jippes did them, and Wilbert Plijnaar posted them over at the forum, which is where I grabbed them! Maybe Benjamin can tell us....he seems to know what they're saying!

Thanks for the translation, Benjamin!

Benjamin De Schrijver said...

I'm betting they're just from some comic book mag, or kid's extra with the newspaper. Something like that. Since about a year or more, Disney's got a newspaper extra like that here in Belgium, with mickey and donald comics, games, etc. so it wouldn't surprise me if they've done that before. It could even be that it wasn't ever released here, but only just in the Netherlands.

Gabriel said...

I have no eye for this stuff. It's obvious now that you said it, but I wouldn't have figured it out alone.

Patrick Costa said...
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Patrick Costa said...

That Mickey crow comic is from the Dutch Donald Duck magazine. Jippes' Mickeys are great. I was actually thinking of posting about it but you beat me to it.

Wilbert Plijnaar said...

Mark, I love your observations about the policeman. Never noticed that before.
When he made the crow story Jippes was the art director of the Dutch Donald Duck magazine ( of the same name), before he moved to LA in the late 70's to work for Disney consumer design and feature animation.It was his first foray into the Gottfredson style, inspired by his 'Eega Beeva"
stories ( I hope I spell the name of the character right).
The style temporary bled into is own comicbook "Bernard Voorzichtig" .
I wrote about that here:

By the way, thanx for the credit but those Mickey pages were posted by Kloink, who is a talented Dutch illustrator by the name of Gert-Jan Kleijne.

-Benjamin, studeer jij in Gent? Mail me even. Zie mijn profile voor adres._

baskingshark2 said...

Hi, I really like this Mickey comic you posted, the draftsmanship in it is really impressive. And I like all the composition details you mentioned, I agree with all your comments. It's cool how sometimes you can find extremely good artists drawing these cartoony type comics. I am going to try to find some more of Daan Jippes work. Another very good cartoony artist I would recommend taking a look at is Giorgio Cavazzano. He illustrated Italian Disney comics and he also does his own stuff, both are just amazing. If you'd like I can e-mail you some pics drawn by him. Cool blog, by the way.