Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Temple Business

Okay, let me clarify that last post.

I don't want to make it sound like I am passing along information from the great Marc Davis. I was lucky enough to meet him but he didn't say more than a couple of words to me.

All I meant is that I think there are about 10-12 basic drawing things that can make or break a drawing. Again, these are all simple things and therefore they are easy to disregard or forget. But once you know them you can apply them in ever-increasingly sophisticated ways to make your drawings better and better. So I will post more of the Basic things soon.

But they're not from Marc Davis. They're all me.

Also, next Thursday we will be sacrificing a goat in the temple at the evening service. Pot Luck to follow - last name A-K bring a covered dish, L-Z bring a drink for 6 people.


barry johnson said...

A covered dish???
WTF??! I already bought chips and dip!

Skribbl said...

Are wine coolers considered blasphemy or should I bring Zima instead? I can't find a sitter for that day so can I bring my kids? As long as you have a video running the sacrifice shouldn't freak them out too much.

mark kennedy said...

I don't know what everyone is complainignabout. I'm the one that has to find a goat!

Yes, I have a video for the kids, but it's a video of a goat being sacrificed. Does that help?

Davis Chino said...

What happened to the video of Marc Davis being sacrificed?

Sorry if I misconstured. The thoughtfulness and good info on this blog are the only ingredients necessary for my attention.

Any conceptual stuff from Chanticleer is just gravy.

Davis Chino said...

One last thing:

If you shared a few words with Marc Davis than you've done better than I; Mr. Ranjo brought me to a Cal Arts screening and Davis was there and I wanted to introduce myself and I thought an ice-breaker would be a cinch because my name is Marty Davis. So I approached him and pointed to my name tag and said, "Look, our names are almost identical!"

He looked down at my badge, attempted a polite smile that was accompanied by a sort of grunt, and went back to staring fixedly straight ahead.

Cue crickets.

(I forced him to chat a little more than that, but it was no meeting of the minds--I do not blame him at all, he was old and uncomfortable, and I was young(-ish) and awkward.)

mark kennedy said...

Davis Chino-
Do you have the Chanticleer book? You gotta get it if you don't have it. Also, that Canemaker book about unproduced Disney films has some good stuff.

I have many, many great stories about making an ass of myself in front of animation legends. I could fill a whole blog with them. Your story sounds pefectly innoculous, compared to some of mine.