Thursday, March 16, 2006

Still More Pretty Girls

Some people have asked me to talk more about story, so I felt compelled to get that last post off my chest. I wrote it in a mad burst of energy while waiting for a meeting to start.

For those of you that don't care about that, here's more pretty girls from Joe King. I keep trying to get all this stuff posted - still more to come!


Benjamin De Schrijver said...

Thanks! Some interesting stuff in there. As I was saving these to my harddrive, I couldn't help noticing, though, that the filenames skipped from "girls 3" to "girls 5" since last time. Just to be sure you didn't forget to post anything ;-)

Thanks! Can't tell you enough how I love this blog.

chickennuggets said...

mark kennedy's a pretty girl. kisses!

mark kennedy said...

sorry, I am have two more pages to put up - I thought I already posted 4, do I thought these were 5, 6, 7? I could be wrong. I will post everything, the order I'm not sure about.

Pucker up, nuggets.

Goobeetsablog said...

thanks for these and the thoughts in the previous post.

looking forward to more.

Mr. Scribbles said...

Mark! I'm totally spazzin' over your blog! So many big juicy tasty good nuggets of love here! Keep it up man!

mark kennedy said...

thanks for the support!

Lots more to come. Stay tuned!

Gabriel said...

I'll join the choir: more story posts, please. Of course I love the pretty girls too.

robh said...

this is really useful stuff Mark! thanks a milion!!!!