Sunday, March 05, 2006

Robert Fawcett thumbnails

This is a test to see if I can get Photobucket to work!

These are pages of thumbnails from the great illustrator Robert Fawcett where he shows you his process. He tries a bunch of little compositions and tells you why he rejects each one. The challenge here will be to post it so you can read the little writing on the pages. Leave me feedback to tell me how it worked for you.

I started out as an animator and I learned to thumbnail out everything before I drew it. I still do that - I can't jump in and start drawing until I figure out the staging, pose and composition first. Everybody works differently though.


RoboTaeKwon-Z said...

Looks great Mark! The size is perfect!
This is great stuff! Is this from the Famous Artist's Course?

Paul said...

Works great, Mark. --And it was an interesting read.

Don Shank said...

awesome mark! i love this type of stuff. i'm so glad you are planning to post stuff like this from your collection. can't wait to see what else you have.
and, yes it was a fine size to read.

also, i'm with you about the types of movies they don't make anymore. can't we have some adventure movies that don't have "bullet time"?

p.s. i hope you also plan to post some of your own artwork too.

pbcbstudios said...

oh shiiiiiiii.........
kennedys in tha mix.

Cholki said...

What a great idea for blog. Thanks for sharing. When are you going to pull out some stuff from Albert Dorn?

J said...

Great stuff Mark.

mark kennedy said...

Wow! I go out for the day and everybody visits. Sorry about the dirty dishes.
Robo, paul, please keep coming by and thanks for the feedback! Yes, it's from the Famous Artist's Course, but I think it's the Illustration series, not the Painter's Course...if anyone can illuminate, let me know - I've been trying to figure it out - I'll explain more later.
Don Shank! What an honor! Love your blog as well, really nice stuff. Thanks for agreeing about my taste in movies - as soon as I posted it I realized what an old crank I sound like. Sure, I will post some of my stuff sometime!
And Paul Briggs! How did you find me? On this blog I will post all the stuff I said I would bring to work and never did.
And cholki - good question! I was going to do that next - I have some thumbnails that he did that are just like these Fawcett ones. I will post them soon.
And j...thanks for leaving a comment! Great to know that people appreciate this stuff. A lot of people don't seem that interested in this stuff but I knew I could find an appreciative audience out there on the web.
More to come very soon!

BW said...

I like your blog. Curious why you are trying photobucket when Blogger hosts images for free. I used to use imageshack but there were always problems with the links getting broken so I was happy when Blogger started offering hosting.

mark kennedy said...

Hey BW, thanks for coming by. The reason I'm using Photobucket is that...well, I don't really know what I'm doing. I don't know anything about this web stuff. Don't I need to post images on a webpage, or can I just upload it to Blogger? I got the impression that I couldn't just upload a lot of pictures to Blogger from my computer - that it would run out of room. And I can't use the software they recommend - picasa and BloggerBot - because I'm using a Mac.
I was in such a hurry to start posting stuff that I just did it the way that sounded best. Should I just upload stuff to Blogger images though? Would that be better? And do you think Photobucket will cause problems with broken links and stuff? Let me know if you can - thanks a lot!

Skribbl said...

Just upload to Blogger. That way you remove a step. And it's free.