Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Pretty girls

This is from the "Famous Artist's Cartoon Course", which is different from the painter's course. Many great cartoonists contributed, and it was a correspondence course, where you would do the assignments in the binder and mail it in. Then the artists who designed the course would judge your assignment - people like Milt Caniff and Willard Mullins! Yikes, intimidating. It was a pretty expensive course, and it's hard to find these days.

You can still get versions of the painter's and illustrator's course from the Famous Artist's Course website, but I don't know if they're the same. They're still pretty expensive! And I don't think they still offer any kind of cartoon course.

These were done by an artist named Joe King (I think).

Check out the text under the drawings. It's funny.

I apologize in advance to my friends at Disney who I've already given these to. Some of what I post here will also come from handouts I've given out at Disney, so you guys I work with that have gotten my handouts will see some repeats. There will be new stuff mixed in too, I promise. I'll do my best to keep everyone hooked.

Thanks again to everyone for all the great comments. Spock Foolish identified the source of that last post. Read the comments for more info. Keep the comments coming! I get a kick out of the enthusiasm, it makes me want to post more and more. I might quit my job and become a full-time blogger.

Some people (mostly on other blogs, weirdly enough) have been ribbing me about posting my own stuff. I keep almost doing that, but it doesn't feel right. I want this blog to be pure - just about learning. I love blogs where artists post their own work as much as anyone, but I feel like this blog should be about the how-to of drawing and story - what I've learned along the way, anyway, and what I'm still learning. The more I learn the more I realize I don't know.

So, anyway, maybe I should start another blog just for my stuff.

Just what we need, another blog to jam into the world's already clogged blog-hole.


SMacLeod said...

HEY! I found your blog through pbcb and wanted to thank you for visiting Redsons class. That was an incredible lecture. I was actually going to post some of my notes if you don't mind.

Thanks again for the inspiration and great blog!

mark kennedy said...

Hey smacleod! So glad you found the place.

I checked out your site and it's really cool.

Were you asking if you could post my handout on your site? That's really nice of you to ask. You can if you want, but I was going to post all that stuff here. Otherwise I'll never be able to keep this up! Here's a question - have you gotten any great handouts from other teachers - the ones that don't have blogs yet? Are you in Dan Hansen's class? You could repeat the stuff he's told you, if you haven't already. Man I could use it!

I'm not trying to talk you out of posting my stuff if you want. The whole reason to start this site is to spread it to anyone who wants it.

Whatever you do, keep up on your site, it's amazing. BUT FINISH YOUR FILM! I didn't finish my 2nd year film and I'm still pissed at myself.

RoboTaeKwon-Z said...

I'm with Mark. I didn't finish my second year film because I bit off more than I could chew and tried to do this 4:30 mini epic with multiple characters, etc.
Keep all of your student films simple. One to two characters only. Keep your locations reasonable too. You'll be suprised just how effective such a "simple" film can be.

countfunkula1 said...

Hey Mark, not having worked with you, all your stuff will be fresh to me and oh, say....99.999999999% of the population. Get to postin, dawg! I'd love to see!

barry johnson said...

I love these pages. I need all the help I can get.

heh...you said blog-hole

SMacLeod said...

Great! Yeah, I'll go work on my film!

Skribbl said...

Mark you should start your own blog featuring your own stuff. Call it Mark's Clogging Blog Hole or something like that.

Oh and Knassos asks,"Why do you hate me?"

mark kennedy said...


How the hell do you know Nasos???? And that quote - only a certain classmate of mine was keeping that alive! How did you hear it?

And where is he?

Becky Dreistadt said...

I have all of the Famous Artist course on CD. Some guy at my school scanned it all in. I could mail it to you. I would email it to you but I don't know how to go about that with so much stuff!