Saturday, March 04, 2006

Hello and Welcome!

Thanks for coming by!

I have been working as an animator and storyboard artist for 15 years. I have known a lot of people in my career who were great artists, naturally able to draw beatifully without even thinking about it.

However I have never been one of those people! I have always struggled to learn about drawing and filmmaking in order to get better at my job. And that is where this blog comes into the picture. I wanted to share some of the cool stuff I have found!

There are a lot of great old books on drawing that contain great information, and most of them are hard to find. I think that a lot of basic drawing instruction was last published in the 1950s and forgotten after that, when it seems that the art of illustration became "devalued" as photography and modern art took precedence over illustration and great artists like Norman Rockwell became viewed as quaint and unhip. People stopped learning how to do what people like Rockwell did.

Along the way I have found a lot of great old books with great tips and ideas about how to approach drawing and I have spent a lot of time looking for them and spent a lot of money for them! So I would love to scan the stuff and share it with you - then you won't have to spend your money like I did. And you won't have to paw through old books that smell like dust and cigarettes to find the few gems that will help you. I will share all the stuff that really helped me, and as I'm learning something new every day, I'll pass all of it along.

Also, I have been really fortunate in my time to have worked with some great story artists and directors. I can talk a little bit about what has worked story-wise on the movies I've worked on and I can talk a LOT about what hasn't worked!

So those are my two main goals for this blog: to talk about drawing and to talk about filmmaking from my perspective as a storyboard artist. I will also blather about stuff that interests me and post some of my own work from the movies I've worked on and probably violate copyright law in the process.

So what's with the weird title to the blog, you ask? Well, I wanted a blog title that's really different from everyone else's in the business. And I am a big fan of Carl Barks, who wrote and drew all of those great old Donald and Scrooge McDuck comics where they went on great adventures. They would discover things like abandoned temples with weird names. And I wanted to suggest something exotic, long-lost and valuable like a lot of the information I've stumbled over in my search for knowledge.

And I feel like movies today have lost a lot of the sense of adventure that movies used to have. There aren't enough movies made today about subjects like pirates, cowboys, treasure maps to diamond mines lost in the jungle, ancient cities made of gold and the like. I like that kind of stuff. So my little speck of the internet will suggest that kind of world.

So thanks for coming by! Please come back and visit again! But a word of warning: please don't touch the golden camel statues! One of them is cursed and I can never remember which one.

I'm serious.


RoboTaeKwon-Z said...

Mark! Welcome to the world of blogging!!! You will be linked to, sir and plugged!!!!

mark kennedy said...

Thank you so much man! You were the inspiration!

I promise not to write such long posts in the future, and to include more drawings!

barry johnson said...

Glad to see that peer pressure still means something in this crazy mixed up world and that you joined in. Ha!
I can't wait to see and read your posts.

Too late though with the cursed camel warning...I've already fondled 5 of the 7.

mark kennedy said...

Thank you for coming by!

Fondling the camels is okay. But watch out, they spit.

RoboTaeKwon-Z said...

Beware Mark! Blogging is highly addictive!!!

Paul said...

Okay, I'm hooked. I very much look forward to future posts.

countfunkula1 said...

Welcome Mark! I'm really looking forward to this blog! We have you linked from storyboredom. so welcome welcome!

mark kennedy said...

Wow! Thanks Paul! I will make it worth your while, I promise!

mark kennedy said...

Thank you countfunkula1! Storyboredom (and all of it's many other iterations) were my inspiration. Love the Kagematch and I check it all the time at work when I should be working.

dany boom said...

hello !

well, ill be checking back here for sure... cyberspace is gretting crowded with some great blogs ! but i admire your goal and i loof foward to more !


mark kennedy said...

Thanks dany!

I know, cyberspace is becoming crowded with a lot of great sites. I don't have time to surf any anymore since my blog takes up all of my time.

Skribbl said...

Congrats Mark on your wonderful blog! It's like going to Cal Arts but actually learning something!!! hahaha! Oh and it's a little cheaper. I will be bookmarking and visiting. Visiting often that is.

Nick Sung said...

Hey Mark, very exciting!
I look forward to everything you have to share; all of you fellas are a great inspiration and education and a quality blog is also a helluva lotta fun to return to.



Ward Jenkins said...

I'm really digging what you've put up here so far, Mark. I found your blog via Jenny's Blackwing Diaries and already love it. Thank you so much for posting all this great info out there for all of us unworthy animators/artists to read and take in. This blogging thing has been a godsend for all of us who don't have the privilege of brushing up next to Keane & Co. to gather any bit of info that would help us in our craft. Much appreciated, man.

ajay said...

Hi mark, I just came across your blog and i am finding it pretty interesting and full of information. Thank you for the all the great post. I hope to read every post of yours and may be leave comments in few of them.

Thank you

Alenz said...