Monday, March 06, 2006

Albert Dorne thumbnails

Some more of the same: Albert trying out different compositions, telling you why he rejects each one before settling for final arrangement.

Cholki asked about Albert Dorne in the comments right away - amazingly, I already had this in mind to post! Hope you like it, Cholki.

I once knew a guy who had worked with the great artist Moebius. I always quizzed him about what he had learned from Moebius. The only thing he ever told me was this: Moebius said that the only rule of composition was that you shouldn't have any lines connecting to the corners of the frame. Albert Dorne talks about that here too.

I don't want to disagree with a great artist but there are a few rules to composition that I have found really helpful in making my work much better. Let me talk about that more later.

I will probably always post pictures to look at and then ramble a bit about it as well. I will always try to make it so you can get what I'm talking about without reading too much!

These pics were all on one sheet in the "Famous Artists Course". It's too big for my scanner, but I could merge it in Photoshop and make it one sheet if you want. But I figured if you have a slow connection maybe downloading it in two peices is easier for you. Any advice about image size or anything else is welcomed.


Steve said...

Thanks so much for starting this blog Mark, as a film maker in training, and one that is self taught, I'm so thankful for this priceless information =]

J said...

Another great post Mark. Looking forward to more.

barry johnson said...

I like reading people's thinking progress.
It's funny beacuse I think the artist shoud have stopped at step 7. I like that compisition and placement of the caddy best.

RoboTaeKwon-Z said...

Mark, you are going to make artschools obsolete if you keep going like this!

mark kennedy said...

Hey everybody!
Steve- I am self-taught myself. Some artists are instinctual and don't need to learn. Not me - I have to learn everything the hard way! So that's waht my blog is for - take you guys along on the journey.
J - thanks for coming back!
Barry - good point. The fact that the grass isn't on the bottom of the frame actually gives more force to his swing, don't you think? I really appreciate you saying stuff like that and expressing different points of view. I'd like to encourage a lot of discussion on this stuff and emphasize that there are no absolute rules on this stuff.
Robo - thanks for coming by! I will start charging tuition then.

chickennuggets said...

What the crazies! Mark Kennedy BLOG, hooray!

Cholki said...

Start rambling Mark. Let the Temple of Seven Golden Camels reveal its secrets. I have to agree with you and barry on the Dorne pic. The fawcett is much stronger. comp wise. I think Dorne drew pretty much from his head without too much reference so his illos tend to be filled with something on every corner. lots if frills. I like the fact that he tries to give you more.

mark kennedy said...

Hey nuggets! Welcome! Um, shouldn't we be working?
Hey cholki, I hear you. Dorne is interesting, but nobody holds a candle to Fawcett. More to come.

Smook said...

This is going to turn out to be a favorite blog of mine. Great posts so far.

I too am glad that you started this, and the images are just fine the way you are posting them.

Thanks for sharing these and taking the time.....